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I recently needed rooter service at my home and was referred to Discount Rooter by a friend. I was very happy with the work they performed and how fast they came out to my house. Their prices were great and would recommend them to anyone.
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Sewer Cleanout Installation


A sewer clean out is a “T” or “Y” shaped pipe that has a removable cap built-in. Once installed, the clean out provides access to a sewer line, allowing the removal of blockages in the sewer pipe. Sewer clean outs are located towards the ends of the sewer system of the house or along the sewer line which connects a home's drains and sewer pipe to the city sewer lines. Opening the cap on a sewer cleanout, the sewer line can be cleared with the use of a (rooter, plumbing snake, or augur), a tool which consists of a long coiled cable attached to a large head. The head is shoved into the pipe and the coil is pushed, forcing the head through the blockage to clear it and promoting a free flow of materials through the sewer line. It is also possible to visually investigate a blockage with the use of a plumbing camera.

Without an adequate number of sewer clean outs, access to the sewer system in a home is accomplished by removing toilets, or climbing on to the roof and locating sewer vents. These activities are expensive to home owners and can be very dangerous to plumbing professionals. The expense of these activities can quickly cover the cost of installing additional sewer clean outs.

Drain Cleaning

Got a clogged-up or slow running drain? You’re not alone. Each year, more than one-infive Americans find themselves with a blocked-up toilet, sink or tub. And each year, many of these same people try to solve these problems themselves. You can try using a plunger, but more often than not, that just makes the problem worse. You can try one of those store-bought chemical products to dissolve the blockage, but they can damage pipes, fixtures, clothing and skin.

Our crews will use a comprehensive range of equipment including the very latest rooters, plumbing snakes, and augers. So in no time at all, we can identify the problem, plan a solution and get your drains back to work. When we unblock your drains you can relax. We only use environmentally friendly solutions no toxic chemicals. We take real pride in customer care and professionalism. All our people are fully trained in cleaning drains.


Rooter Service

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If your drains aren’t flowing, then you have come to the right place. At Discount Rooter Company we offer fast and reliable services when you are most in need. We work around the clock, 24 hours a day for emergency drainage problems. We have served the San Gabriel Valley and the Western Inland Empire areas since 1982. We offer both residential and commercial services with the ability to handle the smallest to the largest projects. We are trained professionals and have the tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to make sure your problem is fixed quickly. Having drainage problems can really interrupt your life and we aim to get the drains flowing properly at affordable pricing.

Electronic Sewer Line Locating

In the advent of Sewer Pipe damage, the lateral sewer line running from your house to the street may need partial or total replacement. Locating the sewer line, while avoiding water pipes, gas lines, cable TV, and other buried hazards, requires a professional. Discount Rooter Company uses the latest in electronic sewer line locating equipment to provide a safe, professional job at the lowest prices. We always use the proper replacement materials and adhere to all local building codes and regulations.

Sewer Line Repair and Sewer Camera Work

By using advanced camera techniques and equipment, the technicians at Discount Rooter can determine whether your drain problems are due to a clog or more serious issue such as a rusted pipe, root damage or mineral deposits, etc. Should it become necessary to repair or replace the sewer pipe, Discount Rooter offers the solution at the lowest possible pricing and in shortest time possible.

Sewer Locating